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Truck Restraints

Truck restraints are designed as an added safety feature for forklift operators who unload trucks. The restraint hooks into the DOT bar of the trailer and prevents the trailer from creeping forward as the forklift goes in and out of the trailer. It also is designed as a communication tool between the forklift operator and the truck driver to make sure that the trailer is not removed prematurely. With the use of traffic lights, the truck driver is constantly aware of the forklift’s loading status. It also puts the forklift operator in control of the trailer’s movement as they have to disengage the restraint from the interior for the trailer to be moved. They are also available in manual and hydraulic versions. The hydraulic versions are able to be integrated with a hydraulic or air bag leveler with a combo control panel.

TPR Truck Restraint:

  • Truck Positioned Restraint – the restraint is engaged by the trailer’s DOT bar when the trailer is backed into the dock.
  • The forklift operator disengages the restraint when the load is safely loaded or unloaded.
  • Automated restraint that is operated with a wall mounted push button.

Powerstop Automatic Truck Restraint:

  • Automated restraint that is operated with a wall mounted push button. The forklift operator engages and disengages the restraint.
  • Low profile design
  • Debris guard

Powerstop Manual Truck Restraint:

  • A good budget friendly option for someone who wants the added safety of a truck restraint.
  • Restraint is manually engaged and disengaged by the operator
  • Can still incorporate traffic light signals as an add on

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